Low Cost Small Business Opportunity in Wollongong?

For the business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, The Chocolate Room offers cafe franchise for sale in Wollongong NSW with a minimal investment and an instinctive assurance of success. As an Australian brand, we are not only successful at home but also in 8 other countries where we operate with our over 275 franchises and varieties of flavours of coffee and chocolate drinks. With a business model that works, we target the markets where people have an appetite and appreciation for chocolate. Being such a place of potential, Wollongong should be your target to have a coffee shop taking advantage of our business franchise opportunity in Wollongong.


Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Wollongong?

Wollongong, or popularly, “The Gong” is the 3rd largest city of New South Wales and the 10th largest in Australia. Having a port city status does not let away its name as home to many heavy industries, crowded surf beaches, beautiful cathedrals, the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, a regional centre for the South Coast fishing industry of the country and as a major spot for tourism and home to The University of Wollongong which has roughly 37,000 student both Australian and international. If you are able to understand what it means for the food and beverage industry, there is no reason to wait to enrol yourself for the small business opportunity in Wollongong that comes with The Chocolate Room franchise.
Wollongong Central, which is a major shopping centre, along with the Crown Street Mall and a number of department stores, specialty shops, offices, and entertainment venues constitute the central business district of the city. Many beautiful parks, reserves, light commercial properties, houses, and multi-story residential units surface the CBD. On Smith’s Hill north-east of the CBD, one can see multi-story housing, the popularity of combining inner-city living, coastal views and a beachside lifestyle. If this is not a place to exploit food and beverage franchise opportunities, then where? In Wollongong, the population is constituted by immigrants over the years from 70 countries around the world. In this multicultural city, one common practice endures nonetheless- the love for coffee and chocolate drinks.
The University of Wollongong which has been featured as the Australian University of the year twice is the largest place of youth interactions in the city. That Is not the only place youth are confined to, though. A vibrant city like Wollongong has a lot in terms of art, culture, music and nightlife involving the young people. Places like the Crown Street Mall, the town cinemas, the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre, the WIN Entertainment Centre, many city nightclubs, pubs & registered clubs, restaurants, cafes and numerous heritage listed sites with their individual characters constantly appear crowded with people who love living their lives passionately- sometimes by adding chocolaty moments. We are naturally drawn to such places because they truly reflect how small business franchise opportunities in Wollongong are robust.

The Chocolate Room Is Spreading Its Franchise Business Wings in Wollongong

Although we have grown beyond Geelong, Victoria where we started in 2006, and proudly present ourselves as a successful Australian brand in 6 overseas markets, we have kept ourselves strongly rooted where we belong. The domestic Australian market, the appreciation of good taste, and the spirit of celebrating something new have been the driving force of our café franchise businesses achievements, and we want to have our presence while helping entrepreneurs in cities like Wollongong where lies tremendous opportunities.


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