Yaju Vaghela

Director, The Chocolate Room

Yaju Vaghela is a versatile partner associated with the brand since its inception in 2007. Yaju has championed the retail operations and management of the business leading to a world-wide expansion of stores across numerous locations. He brings a wealth of cafe-management acumen and aces the business relationship development of the organization. He has a huge contribution in the branding, purchasing and Franchise development functions of the business.

After running successful operations in India, he has expanded the business into Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Oman and other parts of the globe.

Drawing on Years of Retail experience, he has designed an inviting and distinctive interior for the boutique chocolate cafe as well. He has dedicated a decade in developing the personal relations and organising promotional events for building the brand and making the brand familiar amongst the masses.

Yaju holds a strategic vision shared by all 3 partners and aims for the popularity of the brand and compliments the company in numerous ways.

Krunal Shah

Director, The Chocolate Room

Krunal Shah offers a huge wealth of knowledge relating to Information and Technology needs for the business. He has served in a leadership role in IT for almost a decade now and brings across his business management expertise factoring growth prospects. Creative Marketing, E-commerce and Product Branding have been his core competencies. Krunal also manages the compliance and regulatory aspects of the business.

He also acquired more than 3 years of customer service experience in running the most -famous Burger King and Telstra franchises. Krunal’s passion of food and technology brings diversity and innovative ideas in shelf presentations and placements of chocolate dessert offerings at The Chocolate Room.

Krunal channels his energy in discovering and updating the menu catalogue with an array of chocolate variety. He is constantly surveying the market for upcoming trends and desert fads. He provides with leading insights in quality and assurance of products and byproducts that go in creating a dish. He strives to find a niche for The Chocolate Room.

Krunal also specializes in customer loyalty programs and plans his strategies around customer segmentation and retention tactics.

Koshish Shah

Director, The Chocolate Room

Highly qualified and experienced in supply chain management of over 10 years of broad based experience in food industry. Koshish has the ability to address issues and develop solutions – being extremely thorough, organised and with the capacity to plan ahead and adapt quickly to changing conditions.

Koshish know what it takes to make business successful, especially in highly competitive food industry. His understanding of supplier management at detail level attracts business to develop smooth supplier management process.

Koshish predominantly manages the Supplier Management and Logistics for the business. Koshish also manages franchise inquiries and he has clear vision to grow the brand “the chocolate room”. Koshish brings more than 10 years of incredible experience with inventory control and distribution logistical analysis. With his past experience in managing a Dominos Franchise store, he is a specialist in Human Resources and Customer Service Development. He is the lead contact for the communications for the business.

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